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Since 2006, J. Rocci has published several GLBT romance stories, ranging from contemporary to steampunk to fantasy.
A voracious reader from a young age, Rocci currently lives near Washington D.C. with the love of her life and their furry children. She often indulges the whims of her best friend -- and Muse -- when writing, and loves giving her characters happy endings.
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Latest News:
January 2017:

If you're reading this as a long-awaited update, thanks for sticking with me! If you're a new hooligan just discovering my work for the first time, welcome!

So you may have noticed a few things over the last year: I haven't produced anything new; I've been mostly active on Tumblr, and that's been reblogging hockey and various fandom related content; All Romance eBooks and Torquere Press closed at the end of December; and I deleted my LiveJournal.

I have to admit, Torquere closing has left me very much saddened by how things turned out. I started reading Torquere ebooks in 2004, had my first novellette published by Torquere in 2006, and helped with the annual charity drive for a couple years. While life has left me less and less time to write since 2012, I still tried to keep up with my favorite Torquere authors and those who had moved on from Torquere to other publishers. When Torquere changed owners, I pretty much resolved to find a new publishing house, but to see it end badly is heartbreaking. Others have written about the situation, and I'm not going into it here, but I recommend a quick Google search if this is news to you.

This confluence of 2016 events, along with finishing my graduate program, means that I'm hard-core revising my website and social media platforms, reviewing all my previous work, planning my future publication goals, and generally re-engaging with my entire process of being a writer. What this also means is that I will finally start using all that image editing software I bought in a fit of emboldened hope last year and failed to use.

Additionally, I resolve not to over-promise, but to also be more consistent with my updates. Expect more news as I move forward with the changes to my sites and my quest for new publishing opportunities.

May 2017 be better than 2016!


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