Just Breathe Out (aka The Parkour Love Story)

Don't Read in the Closet VOL 3

Written for the GoodReads’ M/M Group Hot Summer Days event as part of their Member requests:

Dear Author,

These two men have been best friends since they could crawl; over the years they have both secretly fallen in love with each other, one of them is out and proud the other man wants to be as long as it’s with his best friend…. How did this happen??

Oh Author, can I please add that they Love Hot SEX everywhere and that they have a HEA 🙂

Thank You Author xx,

Tags: M/M, parkour, athletic, friends to lovers, college, free-running, beach, house party, California, drunkenness, pining, explicit

Word count: 11,890

Originally Published: 2011

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