Radio Love Song

Radio Love Song

Written for the GoodReads’ M/M Group Don’t Read in the Closet 2013 event as part of their Member requests:

Dear Author,

I have been blessed. I have only loved two guys. The first guy was literally the boy next door but we were so young. The second guy is still the one I’m with. We are happy, domestically so, just like an old married couple… if you know it was allowed. But finally! Finally! Our state passed a law that we can!

So now… WHAT IS HE WAITING FOR? I never thought in our lifetime that we would have this chance. Does he not want to marry me? Should I ask him? Help!

Definitely HEA. I just adore domestic, sweet, established relationships.



Tags: MlM, radio DJs, proposal, family, established couples, multicultural, non-explicit

Word count: 6,535

Originally published: 2013

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