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Note: Free snippets and short stories are added almost monthly to my journal on Dreamwidth!

***Due to the sudden closing of Torquere Press in December 2016, all Torquere works are out of print.  Please stand by for updates as I explore alternative publishing options to get my catalog back in print.  Also, please know that, even if other distributors such as Amazon still have Torquere works available, none of those royalties will make it to the authors.***

Courting 5: Competition by J. Rocci
Officer Joshua Dabbs and his husband, lawyer Garrison Williams, met while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps ten years ago. Their lives are very different now than from when they first started dating: they're out of the Corps and the closet, they're married and own a house, and they're getting ready to adopt two kids through the state. Josh figures their life is pretty much perfect.
When their friends challenge them to run in the annual Marine Corps Marathon, they find themselves back in D.C. and visiting their old stomping grounds around Quantico. Garrison and Josh enter a friendly competition to see who finishes the marathon first.
***Expect to see the Courting collection available as an anthology in 2017! 
Puppy Tax by J. Rocci
Sky runs a doggy daycare and, in his free time, volunteers as part of a therapy dog pair with his Border Collie, Phoenix. On a visit to the local hospital, Sky and Phee share an elevator with Tony Marasutti, the hot doctor who's great with kids and loves animals. Sky doesn't think he has a chance, but then Dr. Tony invites him and Phee for coffee, so of course Sky has to invite Dr. Tony home to meet the rest of the menagerie!
Puppy Tax was originally published in the Torquere Press anthology "Animal Attraction" edited by Vincent Diamond.

Just Breathe Out by J. Rocci
(aka The Parkour Love Story)
Written for the GoodReads' M/M Group Hot Summer Days event as part of their Member requests:
Dear Author,
These two men have been best friends since they could crawl; over the years they have both secretly fallen in love with each other, one of them is out and proud the other man wants to be as long as it’s with his best friend.... How did this happen??
Oh Author, can I please add that they Love Hot SEX everywhere and that they have a HEA :)
Thank You Author xx,
Crocodylus Acutus by J. Rocci

Written for the GoodReads' M/M Group Love Is Always Write event as part of their Member requests:
Craig is a crocodile shifter who loves nothing more than to sit in the river all day among his pure croc brethren. Over the past few days he's been watching this cute conservationist gather data about his dwindling habitat. But when the guy falls into the mud, the rest of the crocs think lunch but Craig thinks love.

Army Green Mini-Stories by J. Rocci

I've written ten mini-stories for the Army Green boys and it's starting to get a little unwieldy over there on my journals, so my solution? Make a PDF. Have fun with photoshop while doing it.  This PDF is a free download prepared by me featuring mini-stories written from reader prompts provided during Torquere Press Livejournal hosting days over the last year or so. 

The Army Green series is a contemporary romance series set in Kentucky at Glenhaven Farms, where Neil and Ms. Susan have raised, boarded, and shown horses for decades. The focus of the series is their adult grandson, Evan, and all the strays they've taken in over the years. The series started off with Taction, then grew with Army Green and Army Green: Burning Bright.

I've arranged the mini-stories in chronological order, and have included purchase information and excerpts from the three main stories so readers will know if there are spoilers in the mini-stories ahead. I've also provided character summaries for the main characters at the front.

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