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2013 Torquere Press Charity Sip Blitz
Start Something New by J. Rocci
Sergeant First Class Matt Ridley adopts a new puppy and joins his HOA Board thinking it will get him out of the house more; otherwise the alternative is his well-meaning brother signing him up for online dating sites. Through HOA business, Ridley meets Brett Isaacs, a civilian Army security guard at the base where he works, who also shares his destructive dog woes. A yard planning session with beer and pizza turns into a profession of mutual attraction and a very satisfying ending as they agree to embark on something new.
Available at Torquere Press.
The Army Boys Series
Taction by J. Rocci
Taction by J. RocciAfter Evan Miller is severely wounded in combat he finds himself with a medical retirement from the Army and no idea as to what he’s going to do with his life. Fortunately, Evan’s grandparents offer him a temporary job at their horse farm and the chance to rehabilitate a rescued Thoroughbred seems like just what he needs.
Cam Jackson, their stable manager, takes exception to the grandson who hasn’t visited his folks in over eight years. Only once Evan arrives and Cam gets to know him better, the two find they have more in common than they thought and their friendship morphs into something deeper. Evan just needs to decide if the new direction his life is taking is what he really wants.
Army Green by J. Rocci
Army Green by J. RocciEvan Miller and Cam Jackson have run Glenhaven Farm together on behalf of Evan's grandparents for the past couple years, giving the farm everything they have to make it a success. But when Evan’s old commanding officer asks for Evan’s help with the wild child of their squad, Evan and Cam don’t hesitate to find a place for Reo at Glenhaven. Reo is a city boy with a penchant for trouble, and he stirs up more dust than expected. Reo’s behavior -- and Evan ignoring it -- causes Cam to confront issues he hasn't been able to verbalize until now.
Evan has been juggling a whole set of worries, though, and they take their toll on his health. When he ends up in the hospital, it's up to Cam and the rest of Glenhaven to make sure he follows his doctor's orders.
Army Green: Burning Bright by J. Rocci
It's the annual Glenhaven Farms Fourth of July picnic and Cam is trying not to worry about his partner, Evan, as they help prepare for a large crowd of folks descending on the farm. Between running errands for Ms. Susan, setting up the backyard, and wrangling all four Hooligans, Cam catches quiet moments with Evan and reflects on the man he loves and almost lost to the war injuries that left Evan a disabled veteran.
The Courting Series
Courting 1: Commitment by J. Rocci
It’s Valentine’s Day and Officer Joshua Dabbs has big plans involving his boyfriend Garrison and a certain set of rings. Unfortunately, between Muttlee the Destructo-Dog, a burned dinner, and missed reservations, nothing is going the way Josh planned. Garrison doesn’t think the holiday’s ruined, though, so Josh makes his own moment and pops the question he’s tied himself up in knots waiting to ask. Featuring the boys from the Torquere Press Holiday Sip Cornerstone.
Courting 2: Nice: Cornerstone by J. Rocci
Josh is happy being a beat cop in a small Vermont town. He has his life partner, Garrison, their dog, and a wide group of friends and family, even though he hasn't spoken to his blood relatives in years.
Then Josh gets called back home to Ohio right before Christmas, when his sister tracks him down to inform him that his father passed away weeks ago. He arrives in Ohio to find that the requirements of his father’s will regarding the family business have everyone in an uproar. Lucky for Josh, he has a live-in lawyer at hand. He just has to come up with a solution that satisfies everyone, including himself.
Courting 3: Nice: Concordant by J. Rocci
Officer Joshua Dabbs has been working long hours due to budget cuts and the holiday crazies, so he’s not thrilled when his patrol partner lets slip that Josh’s husband, lawyer Garrison Williams, has planned a weekend trip for two to New York City right before Christmas.
Josh hates traveling, especially around the holidays, so Garrison shows how persuasive a lawyer can be with tactics not fit for the inside of a court room. Once they’re actually at the hotel in New York, Josh relaxes after Garrison agrees to stay in for the night. Garrison has a plan, though, that results in Josh getting to open a very intimate Christmas present early.
Courting 4: Concur by J. Rocci
Officer Joshua Dabbs has been married to his husband, lawyer Garrison Williams, for six years. So he still remembers what Garrison's like with a wedding to plan, and he knows that when their two good friends, Rick and Emmanuel, decide to tie the knot, he won't be seeing much of his husband until it's over. But Emmanuel needs advice, and Josh finds himself asking questions about his and Garrison's relationship that he hadn't thought of before -- mainly, do they want kids? As usual, Garrison knows what Josh is thinking before he does.
Courting 5: Commitment by J. Rocci
Officer Joshua Dabbs and his husband, lawyer Garrison Williams, met while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps ten years ago. Their lives are very different now than from when they first started dating: they're out of the Corps and the closet, they're married and own a house, and they're getting ready to adopt two kids through the state. Josh figures their life is pretty much perfect.
When their friends challenge them to run in the annual Marine Corps Marathon, they find themselves back in D.C. and visiting their old stomping grounds around Quantico. Garrison and Josh enter a friendly competition to see who finishes the marathon first.
Courting 6: Nice: Connections by J. Rocci
This Christmas is going to be a special one for Officer Josh Dabbs and his husband Garrison Williams: For the first time, they're sharing the holiday with their children, Henry and Gabriella. Of course, this being the Dabbs-Williams household, there are crazy dogs, visits from the in-laws to prepare for, and the uncertain waters of parenthood as Gabriella tests her boundaries. But Josh and Garrison have each other, and their family and friends, and a house full of love, so the holidays will be perfect.
Standalone M/M Stories
The Silver Sun of an Imaginary Day by J. Rocci
Lord John Blakeney has been living with the curse of the werewolf for almost a year and fears that he can no longer control the beast. Exhausting his search for a cure, he is determined to attempt one last antidote at the advice of a London alchemist. He needs transportation to a crag where the sun and the moon align in a lunar eclipse on All Hallow's Eve. When a pickpocket places a note in his pocket that leads him to a pub, he's approached by Donal Gambrill, air ship captain and a man he fell in love with years ago.
Gambrill is convinced to fly him to the crag on the Totentanz, his dirigible, and during the journey, Blakeney and Gambrill find that their former attraction is still burning bright. But if the cure works, they may have more time than Blakeney can imagine.
Ivory by J. Rocci
Trapped by familial obligations, engaged to a fiancée he doesn’t love, and crippled by the regrets of his past, Dr. Bradley Durrant is miserable and rapidly caring less about his own health as he works himself to the bone at the family hospital. Then he meets Nashan Windham, the grandson of his late father’s scandalous old friend, and Brad’s downward spiral is derailed, at least for the moment.
He lets Nashan and his grandfather pull him into a world where families -- blood and the ones you choose -- support each other and understand that love is unconditional. Nashan helps Brad get his life together again, now Brad just needs to convince Nashan that Brad can finally accept who he is and knows what he wants.
Sage by J. Rocci
Yu Maguire has just been released from prison after bearing witness against the gang that runs Little Earde, a "human"-only barrio in the planet's capital city. In prison, Yu had to face a lot of hard facts about his previous life and, after being sheltered by the Earde his entire life, he has no friends left.
No friends except Amergin, the police officer who opens his home to Yu. Amergin, who happens to be Marazny, a race renowned for their icy exterior. Amergin may be reserved, but Yu finds peace and acceptance in Amergin's ordered little corner of the word. Trying to make his way in a new city shows Yu that he has so much more left to learn, but Amergin offers Yu a second chance at creating a home for himself and a companion to share it with, if he's brave enough.
Unbreakable by J. Rocci
Two years have passed since the war, but Sir Kaden fears that his recent injuries on a mission for the king have stirred unpleasant memories for his lover, Lord Yanisin. Their once casual relationship is tested as the tension between them rises the longer things are left unsaid. With some outside prompting, Kaden resolves to help Sin lay the past to rest, whether the other man welcomes his attentions or not, and hopes that their relationship will come out stronger than before.
Previously released as a Cherry Bomb.
Menage (M/M/F) Stories
This Home We Make by J. Rocci, in Shifting Them, ed. Vincent Diamond
When shapeshifters mix it up with threesomes, you can be sure that sparks are going to fly. That's the idea behind Shifting Them, a collection of ménage shapeshifter stories that mix the boys with the boys with the girls, from big cats to wolves and beyond.
From the glamorous world of modern-day magicians to a futuristic universe filled with danger, the stories in Shifting Them will sweep you away into a whole new universe, where wolves scrabble about on city streets, where snake shifters plot from their nests, where a seemingly innocuous dog helps to make sparks fly between humans. Whether it's fur or fangs, these very human creatures have a wild side, one that excites and amazes.
Mix the shifters' inherent sexiness with a threesome, and you've got a volatile, romantic combination. With stories from C.C. Bridges, Anah Crow, Dianne Fox, Kiernan Kelly, J Rocci, and BA Tortuga, the raw, animal magnetism of Shifting Them proves that adding a third person -- in life and in bed -- can make for a happy, and hot, ending.
This Home We Defend by J. Rocci, in Bite Me, ed. K.I.L. Kenny
Hidden in plain view, taboo lovers bond in ways mundane eyes cannot see. When two are not enough, "Bite Me" shows how three can seal their truest carnal connections.
When Needed, by Sean Michael, starts off with Jen, whose two faithful canine companions might be more than they seem. In Like a Thousand Miles of Fire, Marie Carlson's half-demon Crystal Andraya finds strength in the arms of her vampire lovers as war between their races looms. In Joyce Sully's Roll Up, a joyless student falls for a sideshow huckster and a cannibal queen.
In Julia Talbot's Changing Shifts, Dave has to explain to his roommates why he's suddenly shunning sunlight. Mercy Loomis unmasks a vampire demon in Empusa, whose lovers don't usually live to tell the tale. A different kind of mystery hooks Monica in CC Bridges' Dog Days. Her best friend has disappeared, and the two strangers who show up in her life have secrets they want to keep.
In Giselle Renarde's Shadow People, PI Anna Fairclough is chosen to investigate the elusive Inuit Shadow People. Vic Winter's Owen thinks he might be crazy when he finds a strange woman in the park, but his lover Tommy knows what to do. In This Home We Defend, by J Rocci, Zev unwittingly brings his pack into danger when a new Alpha issues an unusual challenge. Finally, in A Family Business, by BA Tortuga, Kit has a hard time juggling the family demon hunting business with two vampire lovers.
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